Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Tell If a Woman Really Loves You

Men who are serious about a relationship want to know if their woman really loves them. Men strive to find out by asking friends and family members. Many men are just as bad as some women in a relationship who constantly wonder if the woman that their with really loves them. I have come up with some tips on how you can identify if a woman really loves you.

She has eyes only for you. You can tell if your woman really loves you when many hunky and sexy men surround you but she doesn't take a second to even look at any of them. She gives you her full attention by showing eye contact, smiling and facing her body towards you.

She answers your calls. You know if a woman is interested when she answers your calls every time. It is a wonderful sign if she also answers the phone by the second ring. You may find yourself spending hours on the phone talking and giggling with her about life.

She agrees to meet with you every time you ask her out. She wouldn't love you if she didn't want to see you as much as you want to see her.

She wants to go places and do things. She is not ashamed to be out in public with you.She wants to explore the world with you and do fun activities. For example, going to the movies, out to dinner, to a concert or amusement park.

She does things for you. She invests energy in pleasing and making you feels happy. For example, she will bake you cookies, invite you over for dinner or offers to rub your back.

She flirts with you. You can tell if she loves you when she constantly laughs at everything you say, touches you frequently and gives you that special look of love.

She wants to date only you. You know she is serious about you when she has verbally asked if dating each other can be exclusive. You are number one to her and all the other men in the world mean nothing.

She tells you "I love you." You can't get more straightforward than this. When she tells you those three special words she wants to take the relationship a little farther and get more serious.

These are some tips that you can tell if your woman loves you. If your woman displays all of these signs don't doubt her love for you and enjoy the relationship.

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hafiz CHouJi said...

Salam, Razip Puspawatiku~

Apa ni? Tips untuk ketahui jika perempuan menyayangimu? Apakah~~~?

Awat tak edit sket dan ubah artikel ni jadi dari Islamic perspective? Kan ke lagi suweet untuk Muslims cam kita? *wink*

kammabdullah said...

ehem.adekah dh ade woman yg buat bgini kpd anda??hehe.tahniahh :D

Razif Mohamed Rosli said...

hahaha....malu la nak edit...hak cipta org laen, aku terjumpa so tulis je lah...

kammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mane ade org wat cmnie, xperlu lah die nak wa cmni, kalu die nak ajak bernikah

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